2006 Outback wagon - LL Bean edition

Outback Llbean

We now turn our attention to our test car, a four-door Outback with the LL Bean luxo option -- if that's not a contradiction in terms. And it's clear that the old Subie, which was never seen with anything but faded blue jeans on, has now turned to more fashionable designers. Our "Garnet Red Pearl" sedan just hummed down the street like the most refined of young ladies. The 3.0-liter, 250-horsepower six was seldom heard from except when called on for ultra brisk merging on to interstates. Look for zero to 60 in a little over 8 seconds. Our test car was EPA rated at 19-26 miles per gallon. We got about 22 in all kinds of driving.

Via Investors.com and L.L. Bean


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