Subaru Germany adds Tribeca to LPG range

The chairman of Subaru Germany Jens Becker said "significant savings" could be achieved with vehicles equipped with LPG technology without a loss to performance, comfort and safety. Subaru is currently working on an LPG version of the Tribeca with an...

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Subaru R2 Refi Limited announced

Not really what this website is all about, but hey ... it's a Subaru: Subaru has announced the R2 Refi series on April 24th. The R2 we presented on a number of occasions is a compact mini car (Kei Car)...

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Subaru going diesel in 2007?

Reuters reported Monday that Fuji Heavy Industries (parent company of Subaru) is developing a diesel powerplant that could debut in Subaru's European lineup as early as 2007.After agreeing with major shareholder Toyota Motor last week to adopt Toyota's hybrid powertrain...

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More data on Subaru's B5-TPH green concept

The Subaru TPH powertrain in the B5-TPH places a thin, 10-kW motor generator between a newly-developed 2.0-liter Miller cycle engine and the automatic transmission. The engine is based on the standard Legacy 2.0-liter Boxer (horizontally opposed) engine, with modifications to...

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Subaru green concept cars

Subaru sought to burnish its image as an industry leader in environmentally friendly products and practices with two concept vehicles unveiled Monday at the North American International Auto Show.The B5-TPH, a high-performance hybrid, and the RIe, an electric-powered car the...

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The onward march of diesel?

Before we all switch over to the hydrogen-based economy and the fuel cell becomes the green powertrain of choice for the automotive industry, there will be plenty of debate about the best and most environmentally sound powertrain solutions. How...

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