Subaru Impreza to introduce a hot hatch?


In an effort to move the Impreza to appeal more to family types, Subaru is taking its Impreza and turning it into a 'daring' hatchback. Or at least UK pub Auto Express says so, which doesn't completely rule out a sedan model for the U.S. market.

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Well, actually I do have an idea, as I've heard from someone who has seen pictures of the US-spec '08 Impreza, and he said a sedan is still on the table. He also said it would have the same 105.1" wheelbase as the current Legacy, but will be no longer than the current Impreza. That means less front and rear overhangs. It also means more interior room—a much desired feature. While I have not heard anything regarding suspensions, my guess it will also use the multilink rear suspension from the Legacy.

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