2006 Tribeca reviewed

06 Tribeca Rev Ftsd

The Tribeca is just about the perfect size for an SUV in my opinion. It is 189.8 inches long, 73.9 inches wide, 66.5 inches high, and weighs up to 4,225 lbs. empty. In other words it is about the size of a family sedan, except it is taller. The Tribeca can carry up to seven people.

I like the proportions of the Tribeca, the way it sits on the road. It looks planted and unlike truck based SUVs the Tribeca does not have miles of ground clearance so it does not look or feel tippy.

The Tribeca could be considered a crossover vehicle, a term that seems to be all the rage right now. Basically crossover means it is more car like that the truck based SUVs. So what you get is the ride and handling of a car, with the commanding view of the road of a truck.

Via Pacifica Tribune


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