Prodrive to Show Subaru-Based Project Car at Autosport Show


Motorsports development firm Prodrive will show its P2 project car -- developed at the company's Banbury and Warwick shops -- at the Autosport International show in the UK next month. The two seater, which is based on Subaru's R2 minicar, sports the powertrain of an Impreza STi WRX, including engine, transmission and AWD system, plus Prodrive's own active-handling and turbo anti-lag systems adapted from its Subaru World Rally Cars. The resulting lightweight, whose body was tweaked by F1 designer Peter Stevens, will have a power-to-weight ratio of around 350 bhp per ton, or something close to 420hp at 2425lbs. We wouldn't be a bit surprised if Prodrive expanded its retail tuning operations with such cars for production, though they'd not likely make it across the pond.


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