Triple-angle video of Pastrana rally crash

Pastrana rally crash

We had heard about motocross-champ-turned-rally-driver Travis Pastrana’s horrendous crash at the Colorado Cog rally in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We didn’t think much of it because, hey, it’s a rally, people crash. But Brian Scotto pointed us to the Vermont SporstCar Rallying website where a video that simultaneously displays three angles of the crash has been edited together. If you hit the “Download��? button you can watch longer clips of all three angles separately, which we preferred. Pay special attention to the photographer in one video running for his life from a rolling Subaru headed his way.

Pastrana himself describes best what happened that led to the double-digit rollover: “Coming off a long fast straight, into a left 5- over crest, I knew the second we could see the corner that we were carrying more speed than I had talent.��? If you’ve ever spent time driving a car competitively, you know that feeling when you realize the limits of your talent were left behind about two corners ago and you’ve suddenly become a passenger on a very scary ride.

Pastrana and his co-driver walked away from the crash with bruises, but it did knock the team out of contention for a solid third-place in the Overall Rally America National Championship.


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